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Emily Langdon Smith

Emily is a 21 year old illustrator, animator and adventurer from Devon.

Growing up in Devon, Emily lives for the outdoors. She loves getting out in the woods and on the water whenever it's possible. She is a keen sailor with her day skipper qual, and an active member of the scouting movement.

Emily is in her 3rd year of a BA (Hons) in Animation at Farnham University for the Creative Arts and is currently working on her graduation film. She is a CGI Generalist/Freelance Animator who is looking to specialise in character animation, working in the mediums of 2D hand drawn and CGI; modelling, rigging and animating, characters, creatures and their environments.

Ever since her maths teacher introduced her animation after a lesson she was caught doodling in, she realised that is what she wanted to do. This was a compete 180 on her original University plan of Paramedic Sciences. Instead she took a place doing a diploma in Art and Design and never looked back.

Emily has now had her films; ‘Miasma’ (2.5D) and ‘No Place Like Home’ (2D) dispersed and nominated in multiple film festivals. With ‘No Place Like Home’ being awarded Best International Student Animated Short early in 2016.

See her whole portfolio of University and freelance work at:

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