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Oarsome Foursome

On January 31st 2020 the Oarsome Foursome team Bird Watts, Mo O'Brien and Claire Allinson crossed the finish line of the 2019 Talisker Wiskey challenge, one of the toughest rows in the world. The team rowed 3000 miles across the Atlantic ocean completing the challenge in 49 days, 13 hours and 49 minutes. This incredible effort led to them becoming the fastest female trio to complete the event and alongside this team member Mo became the first deaf person to have rowed the Atlantic, both records are noted in the Guinness World records.

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic challenge is one of the toughest rows in the world. It involves crossing the open ocean in a rowing boat, battling sleep deprivation, salt sores and physical extremes. Rowers are left to contemplate in the expanse of the open ocean and the mental and physical endurance required results in a life changing achievement. To put it into perspective more people have climbed Everest than completed this challenge.

The team originally made up of 4 members, (Linda Whittaker, suffered severe sea sickness and was unable to complete the challenge), were all South West based, and trained tirelessly up and down the South West's peninsula. They took part in this amazing challenge to raise money and awareness for a selection of local charities including; Cornwall Blood Bikes, HospiceCare Exmouth and Lympstone and Carefree. By the end of the challenge the team raised an astonishing £67,653 for their charities.

The team's epic adventure saw their boat Liberty become their home for 2 months while they tirelessly rowed the 3000 miles from La Gomera to Antigua. The highlights of the trip for these inspiring women was the beauty of the nature that surrounded them. They were incredibly lucky to see a mother Orca and her calf who circled their boat while they rowed, alongside humpback whales jumping out of the ocean and pods of dolphins swimming past. Other incredible sites included the vastness of the open ocean, the golden sunsets, and bright star filled skies. What stands out most from their experience is how inspired and grateful these women were to have witnessed such magnificent natural beauty on their adventure.

When asked about her experience Bird Watts said it was an “Incredible opportunity and one that can never be forgotten. It was truly magical on so many levels and hard to put into words what it is like out there”.

Dumpstuff helped these incredible and inspiring women to complete their challenge by joining their impressive line up of sponsors and supporters, including Coldplay and Nikon. Our team helped to design and print their logo, alongside promotional content and sponsoring their crew on their epic adventure. We are so proud of what they have achieved, not only within the challenge itself but the massive amount of money and awareness they have raised for their chosen charities.

We wish to continue supporting adventures across the globe, inspiring others to do the extraordinary and if you think we can help you please contact us at


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