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Dumpstuff is an independent surf, skate and outdoor brand, situated in the South West UK, on the South Devon coast. We are lucky to be surrounded in nature from stunning coastlines and surfing breaks to the wild moorlands of Dartmoor, Exmoor and Bodmin, these environments provide us with constant inspiration and fuel our desire to create our products. 

Dumpstuff is a unique fusion of beach and urban wear, born out of Devon the surf and skate scene. The brand is styled by adventure enthusiasts, bringing excellent design and outstanding value. We are a growing company made up of young artists and explorers who want to share our passion for the outdoors. 


Our aim is to share our passion for the environment and adventure in order to unite like minded individuals to develop a community  of surfers, skateboarders, adventurers, explores and artists. 



Dumpstuff started on the back of a road bike adventure on Dartmoor with my dad in 2013. After a long day riding we did what every serious adventurer does and headed to the local pub, it was there after a few drinks that the concept of Dumpstuff was born. My Dads love of the outdoors had rubbed of on me and we were both enthusiastic about the idea of combining our love for adventure with my love for art and design. So planning meeting done, drinks finished we headed home with a plan, (unfortunately on the way home it appears dad had a few too many and fell of his bike). Dumpstuff turned out to be more than a drunken idea, it gained a wide following from local surfers, skateboarders and general lovers of the outdoors. It allowed me to travel and try new things, hopefully it will encourage other to do the same. 



Rhiannon and Chris in Morzine
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The Dumpstuff and Explore collection was created to fuel our desire to wander and explore. Too often people get caught up in the 9-5 and the trivial aspects of life. Writing essays and emails, working and worrying about the housing market. Sometimes you need to just dump all that stuff and go explore. Take some time to chill out, get some fresh air and experience the environment around you. The shimmering stars above you. The golden glow of a sunset or the magic of a sunrise. The rumbling of ocean waves crashing against the shoreline, and the thundering of waterfalls. Travel. Explore. Wander into the unknown. Be wild. Be free. Be inspired. Create memories and stories. 


Our Dumpstuff and Explore collection embodies these moments. Designed with the stories in mind and developed to inspire others to explore. 

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