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Jordan Buckland

Jordan is a 21 year old actor and musical theatre performer currently training in London. He grew up in in the South West on the South Coast by Lyme Bay and lives an extremely outdoors and adventurous lifestyle, being a keen surfer, paddleboarder, skateboarder and climber. We've been chatting to Jordan to see how the South West has influenced his hobbies and drives his passions.

Tell us a bit more about yourself Jordan, who are you and what do you do?

Hi, I'm Jordan, I'm 21 years old and I've grown up on the South Coast in Lyme Bay. I have always had an interest in the outdoors, especially the ocean, I'm extremely adventurous and outgoing and I am to live an active lifestyle. Alongside the outdoors I'm also very passionate about the arts and I am currently studying to become a personal trainer, alongside training to be an actor.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I’m a very keen surfer, bodyboarder, paddleboarder and interested many other water-based activities. While also spending plenty of time on my carver skateboard to train my surfing whilst living in London. I also love exploring new places through hiking and I am a keen rock climber. Also spend a lot of time dancing, singing, and acting. Whilst keeping up on my fitness.

What inspires you to surf, skate and paddleboard, or generally explore the South West?

When it comes to surfing, skating and paddle boarding, I'm inspired by the feeling it gives me. How all the worries and stress of everyday life just seem to leave your thoughts. You only feel joy and I guess you feel at peace. I also live for that bit of an adrenaline boost and being out of my comfort zone and all these sports provide that. When it comes to exploring the South West I think for me it’s the appreciation I’ve got of how beautiful this part of the country is and how I want to see and experience it all.

Is there someone who inspires you to peruse your passions, and explore the southwest the way you do?

I don't really have one singular person who inspires me as such but instead a collection of people from surfers and explorers and especially my family and the friends I have around me.

What is your favourite South West area for adventuring? Do you have a favourite surf spot, or place to SUP?

I love exploring my hometown (Seaton) and the neighbouring towns and beaches as the Jurassic coast is full of amazing places, coastal walks etc. My favourite place in the South West to surf is a bit of a novelty/secret spot that can produce some perfect left-hand runners, however the south coast is always a hit or miss in terms of surf so Newquay is like a second home to me, I surf all the different beaches and breaks there.

Probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve paddle boarded must be Anstey’s cove. On a summers day it feels like you could be anywhere in the world.

What do you most enjoy about living and being in the South West?

The atmosphere and overall vibe is so much more laid back and friendly. Also, the coast is beautiful around here and there’s always something you can do to enjoy the outdoors all year round.

If you could recommend people to visit one place in the South West where would it be and why?

Although its not one specific beach/place but Lyme bay/the Jurassic coast is where I’ve grown up and has so much to offer, also its way less crowded than other areas.

What is your usual set up and go to equipment? What surfboard, SUP and skateboard do you ride?

I currently ride a 5,7 custom forth shank. Works like a dream in a complete range of conditions. Also ride a Softech 5,0 flash for mushy days or shore break/wedges as it provides a pure fun factor.

My skateboard is a carver surf skate. The trucks and overall design really helps with building on my surfing as you can every easily simulate turns on it.

My paddleboard is a Fanatic fly air. Really sturdy and great for causal paddling.

Where do you see yourself progressing? Is the south west somewhere that will always be home or do you have ambitions to travel elsewhere and see more?

Although the South West will always be my home, I currently live in London to try pursue a career in acting that can hopefully allow me to travel the world. However, anyone who’s grown up on the coast and loves everything about it will understand when I say I wont be in the city long. I still have so many things I want to do with my life down on the coast. So, I’ll always class the South West my home and will live back down here full time very soon.

Any advice, hints or tips for people wanting to get out and explore more of the lovely place we call home?

My biggest advice would be ‘Don’t think, just do’. What I mean by that is, all it takes to explore this beautiful area is to just leave your front door because there is so much to offer right round the corner and the more you sit and think about doing it the less likely you will, so just get out and you’ll be thankful you did.

Where can we find out more about you and see more of your of your adventures?

You can see more of my adventures on my Instagram @jjbuckland


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